bread festival qormi

2010 – Qormi Bread Festival

Bejn l-10 u 11 ta’ Settembru 2010 itella’ id-9 edizzjoni tal-Qormi Bread Festival ġewwa l-parroċċa tagħna.

Hal Qormi is well known for its bread-making tradition, and it can in fact boast on having the best ‘Hobz tal-Malti’ (Maltese bread) from all over the Maltese Islands, and which is produced by a large number of bakeries. An old windmill on the outskirts of Hal-Qormi continues to reflect this ancient tradition. With the objective of increasing the appeal of bread-making tradition, Roots – a group of 12 local youths under the patronage of the St Sebastian Parish Youth Centre, organised the first Bread Festival activity in Malta in September 2002. This Bread Festival formed part of an EU Youth Initiative project, and was one of the activities organized by this Group aimed at increasing awareness about Hal-Qormi’s cultural roots. The Pastoral and Liturgical Youth Group (PLYG) continued to organize the Qormi Bread Festival in collaboration with different entities and with the support of the Qormi Local Council; every year focusing on a specific theme related to bread-making, for instance religion, politics and the role of family members in relation to this tradition.

Ritratti tat-8 edizzjoni (2009)